We’re here to help you make the most of your home. Here are some of the most asked questions, if you need to know more, please check our frequently asked questions

To register for an account please click ‘here’ You will need your tenancy ID, Date of Birth and Postcode to be able to register.
In your Tenants Online Account you will find:
  • Details of your rent account, including the payments you make
  • Manage your rent account and pay your rent
  • Make and manage enquiries
  • Report a Repair (from autumn 2018 you will be able to schedule the repair)
You can make rental payments by logging into your account and going to the ‘Make a Payment’ section or by calling ‘0303 3030003’ and selecting ‘Option 1’
If you don’t already have an account, its very simple to create one. Click ‘here’ to find out more.
If you can’t find what you need in your Tenants Online Account or these FAQ’s, go to the ‘My Enquiries’ section and let us know.
Alternatively if you need to speak to us urgently, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page where you will find ways to contact our Customer Service Team

You can you see your account balance, along with the payments we have received towards your rent in the ‘Statement’ section of your Tenants Online Account.

If you have a query about the balance or any of the payments please contact us through ‘My Enquires’ or if you would prefer to speak to someone, our Customer Services Team on 0303 303 003

25th anniversary celebrations at Ryeburn Close!

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2019 Gardening Competition winners!

Thank you and well done to everyone who entered our 2019 Gardening Competition. The standard of entries was very high and there were some difficult decisions for our judges! However, the judging panel (including our Environmental Champions and Jane, our tenant gardening guru) finally picked these winners below. Best Garden Best Hanging Baskets & Patio … Continued

Raising awareness of self-neglect and hoarding in Norfolk

Broadland Housing has created a video to accompany the launch of Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board’s latest guidance on self-neglect and hoarding. The 3-minute animation summarises the county strategy on self-neglect and hoarding. It is designed to raise awareness among adult safeguarding practitioners and give practical advice on how to report concerns. The strategy and the … Continued

Rural housing week – investing in Norfolk’s future

Broadland Housing is celebrating Rural Housing week (1-5 July) with a focus on Norfolk villages, where we are building affordable homes that are helping to create sustainable communities with a positive social impact. We are committed to building to ensure that everyone living in a rural area lives in a quality, affordable home. In an … Continued

The impact of fuel poverty – new research

The everyday experiences of Broadland tenants have informed a new scientific paper on ‘Emotions and fuel poverty’. The University of East Anglia study emphasises the limits of approaches to fuel poverty that focus on energy efficiency and tariff-switching. Energy vulnerability (EV) research increasingly recognises the importance of subjective experiences. Drawing on the social science of … Continued


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